Speedometer Gears

Speedometer Gears
If you change to a larger tire size from the factory size then you will alter your speedometer reading and vehicle mileage. Make the change to a different Speedometer Gear, using the chart above you can find your proper tire size and match it with your Axle Gear Ratio to find which Speedometer Gear you will need. They are color coded for easy selection and are very easy to install at the rear of your transfer case tail housing.

Measure your actual tire diameter instead of relying on published numbers from the tire manufacturer. Actual tire diameter is different in many cases.

The colors below represent the typical colors for these speedometer gears. Please note that different tooth counts can have the same colors.

Many other Jeep Parts sources wrongly list these gears as compatible with 1955-1992 Jeeps. This is NOT accurate unless your Jeep Transfer Case has been changed to a later model Transfer Case such as a NP231 for example.

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