CJ2A 1945-1949

CJ2A 1945-1949

Willys Jeep CJ2A Parts 1945-1949

CJ2A - 1945-1949 - L-Head Engine - 2 PC. Windshield - With Tailgate - Timing Gears - Serial No. Located on Dashboard & Left Side of Firewall Under Hood.

"Go Devil" L-Head 134 4 Cylinder | Bore x Stroke - 3.125" x 4.375" | Displacement - 134.2 ci(2.2L) | Compression Ratio - 6.48:1 | Horsepower (gross) - 60@4000rpm | Torque (gross) - 105@2000rpm

Although it bore the CJ name, the CJ-2 was not really available at retail. Willys produced less than three dozen CJ-2 Agrijeeps in 1944 and 1945, forty in all. It was directly based on the military Willys MB, using the same Willys Go Devil engine, but stripped of all military features, particularly the blackout lighting. Apart from having larger headlights, a side-mounted spare tire and an external fuel cap, most importantly this was the first jeep to have an opening tailgate. Eleven of these have survived to this day.

Lessons learned with the CJ-2 led to the development of the first full-production CJ, the 1945-1949 CJ-2A. Like the CJ-2 and the Military version, the CJ-2A featured a split windshield. An early column shifter and full floating rear axle gave way to the more familiar floor shift T90 and semi-floating rear axle. The three speed column shifter was introduced because it was thought that troops returning from WWII needed a change in the Jeep; ironically many of the earlier CJ-2As were produced using leftover military parts. The CJ-2A was intended as a farm vehicle so it was geared lower than its military couterpart. A total of 214,202 CJ-2A Jeeps were produced.
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