Rugged Ridge Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits

A Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit (SYE) will eliminate the need to drop your transfer case in order to avoid drive train vibrations that are caused by taller suspension lift. The purpose of this kit is to replace the slip yoke portion of the NP 231 with a fixed yoke and CV-style drive shaft assembly. The Mega Short SYE (18676.72) is designed to be used in the same lift applications as the other standard SYE kit (2” and up). The main advantage to the new Mega Short SYE is that it allows for a much longer drive shaft to be used (additional 3”). This reduces drive shaft angle, improves bearing & U-joint life, reduces driveline vibrations. It also has a shorter and stronger main shaft design with improved oiling. Will not work with cable driven speedometers. Not for use with Rubicon models.

*NOTE: A CV equipped drive shaft will be required for this conversion kit.
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