( RH6005 ) Rock Hard 4x4 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler EVAP Canister Skid Plate

( RH6005 ) Rock Hard 4x4 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler EVAP Canister Skid Plate

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Product Description

Rock Hard 4x4 Parts JK fuel tank EVAP canister shield is easy to install, uses factory holes and bolts and protects the canister from damage on the trail. áFits 2007-2018.

Midwest Jeep Willys is very selective in the Jeep aftermarket accessories we sell. We believe that Rock Hard 4x4 Jeep products are one of the best on the market today. Excellent quality, reasonably priced and best of all made is the USA.

Unique Design

Proven by the most hardcore Jeep JK drivers on trails like the Rubicon, Moab, Rausch Creek and more, our skid plate system's design is the key to it's popularity.

Our system is cut and formed from a single sheet making it smooth and seamless. This gives you a true skid plate without rock catching and high centering flaws found in low-budget alternatives. We do more than just protect your evap canister from straight on impact though - we have flared the sides of our skid plate upwards for side impact protection that also helps glide you off the obstacle rather than high cent


The RH 4x4 evap canister skid plate mounts to your existing frame mounts for a painless easy install. It takes only minutes to install making our skid system undoubtedly the industry's premium package.

NOTE: Not compatible with relocation systems.

With any other major vehicle upgrade does come the peace of mind of a professional installation.

Strength Our skid plate system is the industry standard because of the confidence it instills in each and every customer. Each skid is laser cut from 3/16" thick steel coated in our weather and debris resistant powder coat finish. Strength is proven on virtually all Jeep enthusiast forums with glowing reviews. Since 2007 our skid plate system has been the undisputed leader in undercarriage protection.

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